Scheduling Teams Meetings as Delegate Error

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Scenario: Your CEO has an assistant that is a delegate on their mailbox. Recently, the assistant is getting an error when trying to book a Microsoft Teams meeting in the CEO’s calendar. It was working fine before and you got to fix this without involving the CEO.

Looks like you don’t have permission to schedule meetings for this account. Talk to the owner to get permission and try again.

Solution: there are many reasons why the error occurred. One could be corruption in the permissions. How’d I fix this?

Remove all permissions from the delegate relating to the CEO’s mailbox and re-add it. You will need PowerShell for some of it.

  1. Remove all delegate permission for the delegate in Exchange using either PowerShell or the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Run the below commands in PowerShell connected to Exchange Online

Remove-MailBoxFolderPermission -Identity [Delegator UPN] -User [Delegates UPN]

Remove-MailBoxPermission -Identity [Delegator UPN] -User [Delegates UPN] -AccessRights FullAccess -Inheritance All

  1. Close and reopen the Delegates Outlook and wait 1-2 minutes. At this point check:
    • if the Delegate still has access to the Delegator mailbox (they shouldn’t)
    • if the Delegate still has access to the Delegator calendar
  1. Try adding the Delegator calendar as a ‘Shared Calendar’. This shouldn’t work but you’d be surprise!

If there was a permission error, you may notice the delegate still has access to the Delegator calendar. Go ahead and try creating a Microsoft Teams meeting. To my surprise, this worked.

  1. Re-add the Delegates permissions in Exchange.

Beesham Sarendranauth

Author: Beesham Sarendranauth